Feedback in Music using Apple Clips



In English you can write in the margins of an essay to give feedback, underline, circle, highlight, cross out etc etc it’s the same for most subjects, but not Music. How do you annotate a live performance or comment on a 10 second section of a 3 minute piece?

Apple’s new app Clips helps to solve the problem. Clips lets you make, annotate and add captions to videos quickly and easily. Using voice recognition I can talk over a video performance and it will add titles in real time. I just speak and text automatically appears on screen…



So now I can give feedback on performances more effectively than before. But it’s the speed I care about, creating a video takes just a little more time than watching it. That’s really important if like me you teach over 400 students a week, I don’t have time to mess around making flashy videos with iMovie or other apps with similar features. Clips helps me to do something really useful, fast. The two videos I’ve posted are not meant to be amazing examples that I’ve spent ages making, they both took a couple of minutes. A realistic amount of time to spend marking work!


Share your Clips on twitter using #classroomclips

Clips tips…

-Swipe left in the red box to lock it to record mode
– Use live titles to add feedback at specific points (then mute recorded audio)
– Tap any live title to edit the text afterwards
– Add a filter to give students some privacy


Also check these Clips out…


Finally here’s a tutorial…


2 thoughts on “Feedback in Music using Apple Clips

  1. Great blog post!
    Brilliant example videos of using Clips for providing feedback on performances. And, to echo your main point, so fast and easy to do with Clips. Far more impactful than writing feedback on paper as students can watch the video to review their performance and see your feedback. This will allow them to reflect on their progress and engage in self-assessment.

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