I’m an ADE!


So I’ve been accepted to join the Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2017!

I’m using Apple Macs and iPads in my classroom more and more and have been wanting to apply for the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) programme for ages. I’d heard from
people who’ve previously been selected and they all said it’s some of the best CPD they have ever been on. So when I found out that Apple were accepting applications for the class of 2017 at the end of January I jumped at the chance and applied.

The main thing you have to do is create a two minute video showcasing what you do in your classroom with Apple technology.  There are loads of examples (good and bad) of
people’s videos on YouTube (just search for ADE application). I also found out that Apple were hosting an ADE workshop nearby to help with applying. I’m so glad I went because I would have never known what Apple were actually looking for. A big shout out to Aaron Churchill for leading that presentation.

I think the main thing they are looking for is a story, an inspiring story about you, what you believe in and how Apple products support those beliefs and how they are helping to accomplish your goals. So here is my (admittedly cheesy) application video…

I’d also recommend reading ICT Evangelist’s blog post for more information too. Oh and prepare well in advance, that video took me forever to make and I’m not really happy with it!

Stay tuned for more ADE updates in the near future!

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