Where are all the music blogs?

So it’s just a few hours after @musicalfuturesMusic Learning Revolution festival and I’m gutted I couldn’t be there. I’ve caught up with all the tweets (#mlrev) and I’m really looking forward to finding out more of what went on from all the subsequent blogs people will post, like there are after all those kind of teachmeet events.

But will there be any… (hint hint)?

It got me thinking- Where are all the music blogs?

Thankfully there is a list here of all the education blogs out there that @oldandrewUK has compiled but it has a lot of information missing. Currently it says there are 18 music blogs, but I know there are more on the list that need categorising as music.

So if you’re a music blogger, head over to the list and see if you’re blog is there. If it is, update your details and if it isn’t, why not add your name to the list?

Here’s a link to my first post from back in 2014 explaining why I started a blog…

So I started a blog

I still stand by everything I said…We need more music teachers blogging and sharing ideas to help raise the profile of music and share best practice. I feel bad I haven’t shared more of what goes on in my classroom and that my blog is a bit dull but hopefully some of it has been of use to others and that’s the whole point.

So why not start a blog?!


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