Two points of feedback about feedback I’ve learnt this week…

On Monday as part of their interview for a job, 5 music teachers observed a lesson of mine and then were each observed as they individually one at a time gave me feedback. It took over an hour. Overall I found the process really great, after all when does a music teacher ever have the opportunity to get feedback from one music specialist? Let alone 5 in one day! It certainly made me think a lot about how to give feedback.

1. Feedback needs to be immediate…

I’m currently (very slowly) reading ‘Practice Perfect’ by Doug Lemov. On feedback he says…

“speed of consequence beats strength of consequence nearly every time…shorten the feedback loop. Give feedback right away” 

So for us as music teachers we should be confident that immediate verbal feedback beats more extensive feedback written or otherwise.

“Even… If the later feedback is better. Speed matters most”

2. I am Wrong!

On Saturday I spent the day with a bunch of teachers at the IOE for an event called #pedagoolondon and David Didau @learningspy was presenting about how we are wrong about everything all the time. You can read about it more here.
One of the people he talks about is Robert Bjork and he has some interesting things to say about feedback, like…

“Empirical evidence suggests that delaying, reducing, and summarizing feedback can be better for long-term learning than providing immediate, trial-by-trial feedback.”

There’s loads more more stuff on feedback in a blog post by David here.

So in conclusion I don’t really know what to think!


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