• How I’ve been using tablets in my classroom

    imageIt’s been a year since I started using iPads in my classroom. Then Android wasn’t an option because there weren’t any good music-making apps.  Now there’s  FL Studio and Audio Evolution Mobile to name just two, so I recommend investigating particularly as they are so much cheaper. However I think iPads still have the edge.  Continue reading

  • The #mfpilot2013 #mufu2014 Mashup

    If you don’t know about Musical Futures then this might all seem a bit weird. Head to their website www.musicalfutures.org to find out more. Got an iPad? Check out their new app, essential for music educators. Ultimately this post is all about how to get people singing.

    It’s been nearly a year since the first #mfpilot2013 training days and having recently been to #mufu2014 I thought now would be a good time to blog about how I think the two fit together.

    “ Celebrate the monotone”
    Gitika Partington (@gitikasings) Continue reading