So I started a Blog…

The #mufu2014 conference was awesome. Once again Musical Futures organised an amazing 2 day event bringing over 50 teachers and educators together.

David Price (@DavidPriceOBE) started off day 1 of the conference, getting us thinking about where Musical Futures goes from here and the main message for me was….

“if we call ourselves a movement, then we have to keep moving.”

The start of day 2 was also looking to the future, Martin Brookes (@MartinBrookes) the new director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation was questioning how much longer Musical Futures could expect to be funded in the same way. He talked of “liberating” the organisation whilst also calling it “the jewel in the crown” for PHF. A mixed message? But as Anna said….

The answer has to be yes.

Musical Futures is now 10 years old with so many awesome teachers who passionately believe in the movement but we really do need to start driving it more and taking more ownership. It can’t all be left to the amazing Musical Futures team can it?

I’m not sure how we should do that but  being innovative, building and strengthening the community that is Musical Futures could be a start. One way of being innovative could be to organise #ProblemParty’s (more info here) to tackle some of the issues discussed at #mufu2014. We also need to get more teachers tweeting, blogging and actively engaging with the movement, but how do we do that? I don’t really want to  blog, it’s scary! I prefer the shortness of 140 characters or less, but how can I ask other people to blog if I don’t?

So I started a blog.


5 thoughts on “So I started a Blog…

  1. Well done! I agree we need to be a movement who keeps moving and moving forward together will be exciting!! Looking forward to reading and keeping up to date with/ contributing to your blog!! Excellent work,

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