• Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

    Here’s a video walkthrough I made recently for my year 8s showing how to recreate this song using iOS GarageBand. They’ve already learnt to sing and play this song on the keyboard and guitar but before I get them to do a group performance I want them to demonstrate their individual skills. 

  • Musical Futures Studio: Create and Collaborate

    This article originally appeared here on the Musical Futures International Website

    Back in 2006, I spent a day exploring the Musical Futures approach to informal learning. I left excited with my resources pack, including a CD-Rom! (remember when Encarta was everything?!)

    In the classroom I gave groups of students CDs and CD players and sent them off to listen and copy a song- Cameo’s classic Word Up. The Musical Futures resource CD had each separate part on a different track so they could hear and learn all the different elements that made up the whole song. Continue reading

  • Three free composition resources

    Just wanted to share 3 new things I have been exploring recently with my students that I think are really great!
    Tin Pan Rhythm…

    Create 4 or 8 bar chord sequences,  arrange simple parts for bass, guitar, keyboard, drums and percussion.

    Then create different sections of a song, record and export these to wherever you like. What I love about it is the way it allows you to experiment really quickly with what different chord progressions sound like. You should totally check it out, it’s free!

    Continue reading

  • A Year of Musical Futures

    In our school we’ve been working hard to increase the uptake of Music at GCSE and beyond. So one of the things we’ve looked at is what we want our students to be able to do by the end of year 9,8 and 7. We decided that by the end of Y7 they should have an understanding of simple chord progressions including roman numerals and be able toplay these chord progressions on the keyboard and/or guitar. So we’ve completely changed everything and put Musical Futures approaches at the heart of the curriculum. Continue reading